Magnetise at UX conferences

It will be an interesting month for Magnetise. You can meet us on two large conferences in Poland.

At 12th April 2013 on 4Developers (User Experience / Usability path) we will be talking about killer products, persuasion and designing products and services that people just love. This conference is also close to our hearts, because Magnetise is in Program Committee.

At 17-18th April 2013 on UX Poland (the biggest UX conference in Poland) we will be talking together with UX Designer from Nokaut about designing mobile app Nokaut24 for Windows 8 UI. Here is a short abstract of our presentation:

Designing mobile app for iOS or Android isn’t something new and mistic these days. Every good company know how to build it. But believe us or not, designing for Windows 8 UI is a new concept for UX designer. And it isn’t as easy as it seems. Really! Especially when you do it for the first time in your live and you have only 14 days for this!

We managed to do this task, that’s why we would like to share our experience with you and tell you a little story. A story about putting first steps in unknown land. How to use touch and gestures. Where our heroes found tricky traps and what Microsoft doesn’t tell you… officially. Go with us on a journey to meet a new adventure.