Who’s your most important customer?

In manager’s work there are many things that should be in the area of your interest: company business, people, workflow, quality, competitiveness etc. The limitation of the area of your influence is directly proportional to your time and knowledge. Only on your decision depends on what you’ll be focusing on in your work.

When I’ve worked as manager in different companies, I’ve always tried to put in the middle of my attention the people with I was working (my team). I don’t know what is better than watching how your team members are spreading their wings when you create the conditions for them to do it. And then the magic is happening. Your team is becoming more involved in their work. The quality of the work is better, more detailed and more innovative. You (as the manager) give them (your team) the purpose and the tools to develop their self’s. You are giving them the reason.

In this sense, I can say I’ve treated them as my customers, because they where for me as important as the customers are important for your business. That’s my story.

So, now ask yourself: Do you thinking often about your employees? Do you give them the purpose to growth?

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